Robotic Fish

New from Osaka City University, a robotic fish that propels itself using magnets instead of motors which results in huge energy savings. It has the ability to propel itself forward as well dive or surface, and it movements are very lifelike and do not resemble what we tend to think of as robotic.

Looks tasty too!


ArtiFishal Intelligence

The U.S. Navy needs artificial fish, and they will fund your project to build them some. Hurry, you only have a few days left to get your proposal in.

N08-T030 TITLE: Efficient, Highly Maneuverable Artificial Fish for Stealthy Surveillance TECHNOLOGY AREAS: Ground/Sea Vehicles

ACQUISITION PROGRAM: Navy Future Naval Capability Program, Sea Shield, Defense of Harbor …

OBJECTIVE: Design, build and test a new generation of low cost, energy efficient, silent, agile artificial fish utilizing multiple degree of freedom muscle-like actuators and shape changing body and fins.

(Read it here)

robot shark

In other news… 

Roslyn Robot Company got its SSL certificate and credit card processing working a couple of weeks ago and opened for business.

Here is a copy of our credit card processing statement detailing our brisk sales.

Roslyn Robot credit card statement

I have been really busy at work and have also been contracted to develop some software for a project for New York City. That has been taking up most of my spare time and will continue for another few weeks. Once that is finished I will begin working on getting some additional products on the site and hopefully generate some sales.