Send in Pointman before People

You’re a police officer responding to a burglar alarm call. You arrive at the scene at 2 am, alone. It’s a pharmacy in a desolated area. The door has been kicked in. Now what?  Do you draw you gun and go inside? Is there someone waiting for you in there?

Sounds like a job for Pointman, watch the video

You can learn more about Pointman here.

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Killer robots could replace soldiers

By Jeffrey M. O’Brien, Fortune senior editor

NEW YORK (Fortune Magazine) — It’s 1900 hours on Veterans Day in Fayetteville, N.C., a pistol shot from the Fort Bragg military base. Ten minutes ago a 25-year-old self-taught engineer named Adam Gettings pulled into the Waffle House parking lot, lifted the hatch of his black SUV, and unveiled what could very well be the future of urban warfare: a toy-like but gun-wielding robot designed to replace human soldiers on the battlefield.


Adam Gettings photo

An eye opening article from Fortune

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