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  1. electro the original will never leave Mansfield though they did make a replica that will be making a tour to museums across the country

  2. Elektro is still at the Mansfield Memorial Museum. I am the Curator
    Scott Schaut and he will be there on display at the museum permanently. A full scale exact copy of Elektro is traveling around the country for the next two years and will then be on display with the original at the Mansfield Memorial Museum. This copy is what Elektro looked like at the New York World’s fair in 1939 & 1940.
    Our website is themansfieldmuseum.org or themansfieldmuseum.com. Come to Mansfield Ohio and see the oldest surviving American Robot in the world. I have also written a comprehensive book on the history of the Robots Westinghouse , that can be purchased through the museum.The collection of films of Elektro will be released latter this summer through the Mansfield Memorial Museum. These films are either home movies or westinghouse promotional films that have never been released to the public in any form.
    Curator Scott

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