History of an iPhone App

Roslyn Robot Company released the Weej App to the Apple App store in June of 2010. The Weej app is a game, its sort of a cross between a Ouija Board and a Magic 8 Ball game. To play, you touch and hold the screen and ask your question out loud. Then release the screen and wait for the Spirits to respond. After a few seconds the planchette or shuttle will begin to move rapidly and spell out an answer to your question one letter at a time.

Since this was our first offering in the app store we had no idea what to expect.

We were off to a great start, with 24 sales the first full day. We were excited and wondered how many we would sell on day 2.

Yikes, only 5 sales on day 2.

Graph showing stats for first month of weej sales

Gradually sales settled down to average about one sale a day. We did no advertising and no updated versions, and sales remained steady at this rate for about two years.

Only in the last few months for whatever reason, did sales start to pick up. I think now we are averaging about 2 a day.

Every once in a while you get a surprise like “Wow, we sold 5 copies in Belgium yesterday, wonder what’s up with that?”

Graph showing number of downloads for weej app for the past 60 days

We sell Weej for $0.99 on normal days. We make Weej free whenever there is a Friday the 13th and on Halloween.

In the chart below you can see that the first time we did this there were 500 downloads. The second time 350 downloads. After that it fell to about 100 each time we offered it for free.

Graph showing weej download stats for all time

We are about to start a social media campaign and we will see how that affects sales.

You can see the weej app in the app store here

Don’t forget to visit us at www.Roslyn-Robot.com

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