Holy Jumping Jehoshaphat!

Yep, that’s what you Great Grand Daddy would say if he saw this video.

This little robot is a new creation from Boston Dynamics, a company that I have written about before.

Here is how they describe themselve on their web site www.bostondynamics.com

Boston Dynamics builds advanced robots with remarkable behavior: mobility, agility, dexterity and speed. We use sensor-based controls and computation to unlock the capabilities of complex mechanisms. Our world-class development teams take projects from initial concept to proof-of-principle prototyping to build-test-build engineering, to field testing and low-rate production.

Organizations worldwide, from DARPA, the US Army, Navy and Marine Corps to Sony Corporation turn to Boston Dynamics for advice and for help creating the most advanced robots on Earth.

They really do make some cool although creepy robots. Click on the links below to see some more videos of these robots in action.

BigDog – The Most Advanced Rough-Terrain Robot on Earth,
LittleDog – The Legged Locomotion Learning Robot
PETMAN – BigDog gets a Big Brother
RHex Devours Rough Terrain
RiSE: The Amazing Climbing Robot

They are also workin on: SquishBot – Advanced Chemistry Robot that Inches, Climbs and Deforms
Sorry, no video of SquishBbot yet.

In our November 2008 post Roslyn-Robot Company intoduced our Robotics PC Interface Prototype After an ten month hiatus, work on that has now resumed and I expect to be posting some footage of the controller in action soon.

visit www.roslyn.robot.com

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