NSF funds UD research on infants, robots

The National Science Foundation had awarded a $325,000 grant to the University of Delaware to expand their research on enhancing infant mobility

Infants who cannot walk due to severe brain, muscle and/or bone disorders must wait until they are three years of age, if not much older, before a power wheelchair is available to them. The research team hopes to make mobility available at a much younger age.

Quickly learning to drive a robot by using a joystick, an infant at the University of Delaware’s Early Learning Center happily explores his world.

Read more about this Here

At Roslyn Robot Company were are finally back to work on our new Robotics Interface Board. We stopped work on it during July and August to enjoy the summer, then September seemed to quickly slip by before we could get back to work on it. Now in October we are beginning to pickup where we left off in June.

We made a lot of progress on the board in June. We finished the USB interface and that is working perfectly. We got a shell of the firmware finished as well as a crude User Interface written in Microsoft .Net. We were able to simultaneously control two servo motors from the the PC

Roslyn Robot Company also became a dealer for a line of servo motors that we will make available on our site soon.

More to come about this shortly.

Visit us at www.Roslyn-Robot.com

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