Elektro, The First American Made Robot

Westinghouse created eight robots  between 1931 to 1940, Elektro is the only survivor. The robots cost  several hundred thousand dollars each to build, a lot of money back then, but the company believed they would someday be the ultimate home appliance. They would make life easier by doing the mundane tasks such as mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, painting the house, etc.

Jack Weeks restored the 300 Lb Elektro robot, I believe in 2005, and it was on exhibit in the Mansfield Museum in Ohio, it may still be there, but there was chatter that it may be moved to the Smithsonian.

Here is the link to the museums website www.mansfieldmuseum.org The link is not working right now because the domain has expired, so I cannont verify that Elektro is still there. Hopefully by the time you read this it will be fixed.

One place you can find more information about Elektro and a bunch of other cool stuff is David H. Szondy’s Tales of The Future Past. Have a Look 

 visit www.Roslyn-Robot.com

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