Warehouse Robots

Last Thursday Ernst & Young announced the winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Mick Mountz  Kiva Systems CEO, a developer of breakthrough picking, sortation and shipping systems for distribution center automation, won in the Emerging Business category for the New England region.

KIVA RobotAccording to Ernst & Young LLP, the award recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs who are building and leading dynamic, growing businesses.  

The robot is the orange device under the shelf unit in the above photo. The idea is to have a fleet of these robots working in a warehouse. Instead of having the warehouse staff go out to the shelves to retrieve the products a customer has ordered, the worker can stay in one place, and the robots carry the shelves containing the items ordered to the worker. A laser then points to the item on the shelf that the customer has ordered, and the worker takes it off the shelf a places it in a box. Then that shelf goes back to the warehouse, and the shelf containing the next item appears in front of the warehouse worker. Once all the item the customer has ordered are in the box, the worker places it on a conveyor which transports the box to the shipping department. It works very well.

This is not a future product, it is in production now and is being used in warehouses from companies including Staples and Zappos.

Look at last years holiday video below, then follow the link to Kiva systems to learn about this revolutionary product.

I’m having trouble embedding this video so click Here to view.

You can find more information about Kiva Systems Here … Really interesting

Visit us at www.RoslynRobot.com



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