Hexapod Robots from Micromagic Systems

Matt Denton, founder of Micromagic Systems, develops and provides animatronic, robotic and puppet control systems and services to the film and television industry. Based in Winchester, UK, Micromagic has had it creations used in commercials, music videos, and even in some of the Harry Potter films.

Here is a photo of one of Matt’s early hexapods the v2. 

 Micromagic Systems v2 Hexapod


See it in motion.


It looks like Matt is planning to release a kit soon based on his V4 Hexapod  

Basic Specs:
Servos: 6 x Hitec HS-225BB/MG + 12 x Hitec HS-645MG
Material: 3mm 5053 cnc water-cut Aluminium plate
Electronics: Will take standard size 2.7″ x 2″ hole electronics
Battery: Will take 4/5 sub-C or 4 x A/AA pack, along with 9V PP3 battery holder
Weight: Unknown at this time
Material Finish: Unknown at this time
Pay-Load: Unknown at this time
Kit Price: Unknown at this time

Click on the link below to see some of Micromagic System’s other robots including:

  •  A Face Following Hexapod, don’t stare at it too long or it will snap a photo of you
  • A Hexapod CNC artist that sculpts a face.
  • A Hexapod CNC robot as a pen plotter

To view these and other Micromagic videos on Youtube click Here

 Visit us at www.Roslyn-Robot.com


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