ArtiFishal Intelligence

The U.S. Navy needs artificial fish, and they will fund your project to build them some. Hurry, you only have a few days left to get your proposal in.

N08-T030 TITLE: Efficient, Highly Maneuverable Artificial Fish for Stealthy Surveillance TECHNOLOGY AREAS: Ground/Sea Vehicles

ACQUISITION PROGRAM: Navy Future Naval Capability Program, Sea Shield, Defense of Harbor …

OBJECTIVE: Design, build and test a new generation of low cost, energy efficient, silent, agile artificial fish utilizing multiple degree of freedom muscle-like actuators and shape changing body and fins.

(Read it here)

robot shark

In other news… 

Roslyn Robot Company got its SSL certificate and credit card processing working a couple of weeks ago and opened for business.

Here is a copy of our credit card processing statement detailing our brisk sales.

Roslyn Robot credit card statement

I have been really busy at work and have also been contracted to develop some software for a project for New York City. That has been taking up most of my spare time and will continue for another few weeks. Once that is finished I will begin working on getting some additional products on the site and hopefully generate some sales.


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