Washing Dishes – Human vs. Robot

Below you will find two videos. The first is of the Readybot Kitchen Cleaning Robot. The second is of a child washing dishes.  

 Readybot is non-commercial group – a club – of engineers, similar to the Homebrew Computer Club from the early years of the PC industry.  They are sponsoring the Readybot Challenge which they are billing as similar to the DARPA Challenge, except with the goal of creating a kitchen cleaning robot.

One obvious difference between the DARPA challenge and the Readybot Challenge though, is that there is no $2,000,000.00 prize, and it seems like the only entry is the Readybot robot. I went through their website quickly and apologize is I got something wrong.

Although this kitchen cleaning robot moves very slow and may not appear to be ready for prime time, it is actually an amazing accomplishment; especially from a home brew club.  We have seen time and time again that whenever a new technology is introduced in an exponentially improving area,  it will quickly move from pathetic early attempts to amazing results. For example the digital camera.

First Digital Image

Above is the first digital image. It took ten or twenty years from the time the first consumer digital camera hit the market, until digital camera quality began to rival that of film cameras.

Anyway, have a look at these two videos, and check out www.Readybot.com for more information on the Readybot Challenge.

And now representing the humans…

Oh well.


visit www.Roslyn-Robot.com

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