Robot Pencil Sharpener and T-Shirts

Roslyn Robot Company is getting really close to opening for business. We are waiting only for our SSL certificate.That is needed in order to secure on-line purchases. We should have gotten that today by email, but so far it has not arrived.

As we get ready to open we have been keeping our eyes peeled for cool robot products; here’s one.

Robot Pencil Sharpener

Sharpening your pencil makes it go.
Have a look at this video

Sharpening your pencil also fills the robots head with shavings

Robot Sharpener

Weekend before last we printed our first batch of Roslyn Robot Company T-Shirts and since one of our local middle schools won a major robot contest we sent them a dozen of our new shirts. sells a printing press for a little over $100. I didn’t know that or I might have ordered one. It was pretty easy to make on though using two door hinges and some c-clamps we got at home depot. I clamped one side of the door hinge to the table, and the other to the printing frame.

Homemade Silk Screen Printing Frame

T-Shirt Press

Roslyn Robot Company T-shirts Hanging

 We decided to use white ink on dark colored shirts. When our shirts weren’t drying we went to to find out why. It turns out that white ink is the hardest color to print. It is designed to go on much thicker than say black ink so that it doesn’t bleed through.

The next batch we do we will change to black ink on pastel shirts. According to with this combination you can do practically everything wrong and still get good results.

 After a couple of days of hanging on a clothesline our shirts still hadn’t dried. Back to Home Depot to get some heat lamps. Each shirt needed to stay under the heat lamp for about ten minutes to dry. We also tried a heat gun which seemed to dry the shirts in a couple of minutes, but is was easier to just lay them down under the lamps.

t-shirts under heat lamp

Berner Middle School in Massapequa NY, which is about 10 miles from us, won the Long Island Regional First Lego League Robotics Championship. We Sent the team a dozen T-Shirts and a congratulations letter. Read the letter here: Congratulations Letter


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