Robots Power Themselves by Eating Flies

Scientists at Bristol Research Lab have developed an “Energy Autonomous” robot.  In other words a robot that can feed itself in order to provide fuel to carry out its work.

One fly and it has enough power to  run for hours.


The Bristol Research Laboratory is the UK’s largest robot laboratory. In 2006 the University of the West of England (UWE) and the University of Bristol joined forces to create a dynamic partnership and form Bristol Robotics Laboratories (BRL). The multi-million pound investment is based at the Bristol Business Park.

Realizing that in order for robots to become truly autonomous, they will need to be able to replenish their power supply themselves, scientists here have been working a project code named “ecobot” to develop robots that can find food, and feed themselves.

The heart of this technology is the MFC or Microbial Fuel Cell, which can turn some biological matter into electricity.

Read more at: ecobot II project


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