Personal Robots to be $15 Billion Industry by 2015

New York based tech Consultants ABI Research has a new report out that predicts the personal robot industry will grow to $15 billion by 2015

That’s about triple what it is today.

The Japanese Robot Industry had issued a prediction a year or so ago saying it would reach 50 billion by  2025

Roslyn Robot Company is getting ready to open. 

I ordered some blank T-Shirts and silkscreen supplies today so that we can print our logo on them.

Here is the logo for the front of the shirt. 

 Roslyn Robot T-Shirt Logo

The logo will be printed on the left side of the shirt where the pocket would normally be.  I found a company that will make a screen for you for $50, add $20 for a wood frame, another $35 for some ink, a squegee, and some wash and you’re all set.

silkscreen frame

So it’s a little over $100 to get started silk screening, then the shirts cost $1.55 for white, and $2.39 for colors at

I ordered shirts in red, blue, and purple in 3 sizes for each color. We will print the logo in white ink. We will include a free shirt with all orders over $30 or $50 or whatever sale amount we calculate large enough so that we can afford to do this. We will also sell the shirts for $5

On the back of the shirt will be printed

Silk Screening is fun. I will post pictures once everything arrives and we print the T-Shirts.

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