Honda Asimo Robots Work as a Team

My last post was news about Toyota’s violin playing robot, today we get news from Honda that their Asimo robots have been made more intelligent, and two can work together as a team. Was this news released in response to Toyota’s robot getting so much press? I don’t know, but things seem to be heating up.

Anyway, here is the scoop from Honda

Two of Honda’s Asimo Robots working together

Although Honda’s Asimo robot first appeared in 2000, it is the latest in a series of constantly evolving models, which began with the E0 over twenty years ago

 E0 was Honda’s first attempt at making a two legged walking robot. This model had no torso, arms or head. It’s body went from the hips down, but it could walk. It was followed by E1 – E7, then in 1993 the P series was introduced, this model had a true humanoid form. It looked like a man in an astronaut suit. Asimo came out in 2000 and was a smaller model of the P series.

In 2005 a new and improved Asimo robot was introduced. Since that time Honda has been focusing its research on making Asimo more intelligent. In particular they have been working on giving the robots the capabilities they would need to be able to coexist in public with people.

Tomorrow two Asimo robots are going to be put to a real world test at the 2nd floor lobby of Honda’s Aoyama headquarters.

Sounds like fun.

You can read all about Asimo at Honda Worldwide

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