Robot Animation

I have been sick for eight days now. Cold, Flu, Allergies, who knows. Doctor put me on antibotics but I finished them all and am still sick. At my day job our office is moving, all sixty of us. I took off Monday and Tuesday but had to be there the rest of the week sick or not. Today is Sunday and I have to go in tomorrow, but if I’m still sick on Tuesday I will take off.

Anyway, so I have been laying around this weekend and trying to get better. I decided I would create a robot animation to liven up the Roslyn-Robot web site


I haven’t added it to the site yet though. I used the animation software ToonBoom to create this animation. I believe they offer a free trial version if you want to play around with animation yourself. There is a bit of a learning curve and this animation took me all day Saturday and part of Sunday.

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