Love and Sex with Robots

David Levy, an expert in artificial intelligence has released a new book

Love and Sex with Robots

I haven’t read this book and probably shouldn’t post about it without having done so, but I did look over the first few pages.

If you want to you can get a copy here. HarperCollins

Harper Collins has a tool on their site that allows you to browse through some of the book. 

Here is some text from the book jacket.

Love, marriage, and sex with robots? Not in a million years? Maybe a whole lot sooner. From a leading expert in artificial intelligence comes an eye-opening, superbly argued book that explores a new level of human intimacy and relationships—with robots.

 I can see this happening?

Our friends at the RobotShop (, repair robots. Especially the house cleaning and lawn mowing kind.


(iRobot’s Roomba House Cleaning  Robot)

Here is some text from RobotShop’s repair service page:

The RobotShop Company, robotics at your service™, is there to help you with your domestic robot. We listen to our customers and we have more and more people contacting us to say that their robot “Mike” has “died”. The latter do not want a re-manufactured replacement and they do not want to buy a new robot. They want their “Mike” and we understand them. At RobotShop, We bring Robots back to life!™ and we make you save money.

Each robot is different; the noise which they generate is different, their movements and their manners are different compared to others. Each mechanism is unique. With time, robots will be increasingly unique; they will evolve and learn certain things about their Master and their immediate environment. People will no longer want to be detached from their robots, because they will have become a member of their family, they will have become their friend. Let us not underestimate this psychological attachment which develops between robots and humans.

Wow, if people are already becoming attached to today’s domestic robots, what will happen as they become more advanced?

Anyway, it’s too bad that the Hollywood writers are on strike. The late night shows could have fun with this book.

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