Delivery From Bangkok

In yesterdays blog post I mentioned finding a great source for stepper motors in China, and hoping the parts I ordered would actually arrive. Well they did arrive today, but not from China, they came from Bankok Thailand.

Package From Bangkok

Wow it cost 277.00 BAHT to ship it from Bangkok to New York

1 Thai baht = 0.031618 U.S. dollars

So 277 x .o316 = about $8, they only charged me $6 for shipping

Our mailman Rich got a kick out of the Roslyn Robot Company address on the label

 Tomorrow I am hoping to start a new section on this blog dedicated to keeping track of what is happening with robots worldwide. There is a lot going on and it is coming at us fast.

 I will be starting a new project for NYC at work next week, that project will go on through February, so I’ll be busy but will try to update it as often as I can. 

 So, what was in the box…..

 Stepper Trainer

A bunch of stepper motors, but pictured above is the coolest thing. This is a stepper motor training module. It is designed to help teach people about stepper motors.

If you don’t know what a stepper motor is, here is a quick definition:

A stepper motor is a special kind of motor that moves in individual steps. The steps are usually .9 degrees each. Each step is controlled by energizing coils inside the motor causing the shaft to move to the next position. Turning these coils on and off in  a certain sequence will cause the motor to rotate forward or reverse.  

This module is just a stepper motor with a big red dial attached, and some driver circuitry. We could make the dial move 90 degrees clockwise by sending 100 forward pulses. Each pulse will move the dial 0.9 degrees, so 100 pulses will move it 90 degrees.

This trainer is incomplete though as you still need some way to generate the pulses. I think Roslyn Robots Company’s first product will be to complete this and offer it as a plug and play trainer kit. We will make a PC controllable USB module that will interface with this, so you can just plug it into a USB port, then issue commands from your PC and control the dial.

Sounds like a plan.

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