The Robots are Coming!

The Robots are Coming!  It’s just a matter of time before there is a robot in every home.

I started a new company named Roslyn Robot Company to ride the wave.

There is no business plan, no mission or vision statements. Not exactly sure what we’ll sell, but we will have an online store, and will sell robot related stuff.

I think I am also going to write a book that we will offer without charge to introduce people to robotics.

I purchased a pre-built online storefront from

I broke it already though. I had originally secured the domain and had activated the store with that url. Yesterday I decided to rename the site so I bought that domain and moved the site there. The reason for the rename was that the hyphenated Roslyn-Robot may help with search engine rankings since it has the word robot in it.

Anyway moving my site to the new url broke my store. A licensing problem, since I already activated it at, it said I couldn’t use my serial number for the new site.

I put a support request in at znode and hope they will fix this for me. 

I purchased a mailbox at the UPS store so that Roslyn Robot Company will have a street address. I myself don’t like to purchase anything from vendors that don’t show a location, and I like the street address better than a PO Box.

I decided to incorporate so the official name is Roslyn Robot Company, Inc. Incorporating costs more, and makes your taxes harder to prepare. The advantage is protection from personal liability in case one of my robots short circuits and goes on a killing spree.

Actually the real reason for incorporating was for partnership building. Since I don’t really have any robots of my own to sell yet, I will attempt to become a reseller for some of the more popular ones. Being incorporated adds some credibility.

I used to do the corporation filing for me.  They advertise for $149 they will do all the work for you. It actually cost closer to $500 with all the other things you need, but is still was a good deal. Once you pay, on your receipt it says “You save an estimated $1,643 by using Legalzoom instead of a local attorney” That’s probably close to true.

I saw a commercial about Legalzoom after I had done this.  In the commercial was Robert Shapiro. He was part of O.J. Simpson’s dream team of lawyers.

I have heard back that New York State has approved my application for incorporation, so once I get the documents back I can open a bank accout, and an online credit card processing account. Then we can open for business.

I’m sure it will take a while before we actually do any business. The only thing I have for sale on the site are some robot books. We will not actually make any money on these if we sell them, at least not yet, I may look for a way to get them cheaper or drop ship them and make a small profit if we sell them. The main reason to include the books was for convenience of our future clients, and they make great search engine products.

The other items we will be selling are a few models of Stepper Motors. I found a company in Asia that sells them for about 1/10 of what they go for here, so I ordered a few. It takes a couple of weeks for them to arrive. Hopefully they will arrive, as opposed to the company I bought them from taking my credit card info and going on a shopping spree. If they do arrive I will place a second order and get some more. I will be writing some info about stepper motors on the web site, then later it will become a chapter in my robot book.

If we are back online by time you read this, you can visit us at:

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